Stainless Steel Soap

A New Kind of Clean – Stainless Steel Soap

steel soap


Just like when we leave your place smelling clean and fresh, This incredible stainless steel soap is even better than the real thing at removing odors. It’s great in the kitchen – just rub the stainless steel marvel in your hands under cold water, and odors like onion, fish and garlic disappear. Even better, it never wears out, and no additional cleaning is necessary.

Now you may ask why we gave you this bar of soap! Well Clean Carpets of Park City has a new kind of clean for you and we wanted to bring you to our new website to tell you all about it. It is easier than ever to schedule your cleaning needs. Just go to the contact us tab, fill in a few blanks and you are on your way to a new kind of clean. We will always confirm your request. So for a quick and easy way to schedule your cleaning needs just keep in your favorites.

Thank you for visiting our new website. If you have any comments, suggestions or Testimonials we would love to hear all of them.